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Have an idea that you’re trying to bring to life? At Studio 129, we provide a wide range of sampling services. No matter what you may have in mind, whether you're a fashion start up or established brand, our experienced team can help turn your vision into reality.


As your design takes real form for the first time, it is imperative that this step is carried out accurately to show how your concept transfers to actuality. Toiles are traditionally made in calico but, depending on your design, we may suggest a more appropriate fabric which behaves similarly to the end product.


Once the toile is approved it's time to sample in the correct fabric so you can see and feel the product you'll soon be offering to your customers. This lets you inspect fit and finishing and will be the yardstick to which future production garments will be measured against.


The scope for design is limitless. A single good block can be ammended to achieve countless style variations, as exampled below.


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